Caspa Arts prides itself on unique acting classes and workshops taught by passionate people. Here are some testimonials to say why you should work with us.

"I had the pleasure of working with Michelle Payne earlier this year and found her direction insightful and intelligent. She allowed her actors to develop their interpretation of the role: facilitating their development and providing stimulation and useful notes. An actor herself, she was extremely able to understand any blocks we may have and unpick things for us. She was also kind and humorous. The play we worked on was Orchid which was written by Michelle whose theatrical voice I find unique and has an authentic, true ring to it. As a working class woman she is exploring and presenting pieces that examine current issues which are not often written about or seen."     .

-Annette Badland, Actor

"Michelle Payne was a pleasure to work with on her play Orchid. I'm very glad that she got in touch with me and gave me the opportunity to get involved with such a wonderful production. Her writing flows so well and the characters are very well thought out including her new play Full Circle, which I was able to watch at a recent showing of her work. As well as being an excellent writer, Michelle is able to communicate her ideas about the script and give clear and thoughtful direction to her cast in a way that makes one feel like they're being given a deep insight into how the play and characters mind works. I really enjoyed my time working with her and hope to work with her again in the near future! She also inspired me to do some writing myself, which was a big step for me and I thank for from the bottom of my heart for that!"

- Leah Harvey, Actor

"Michelle Payne has been with Actor Awareness from very early on and has had huge success. The Staff Room being one of her stand out pieces of new writing for us. It started out as a 15 minute piece at one of our scratch nights and went on to our festival. From there it has done the rounds at the Edinburgh Fringe and in London.


Michelle is an incredible writer-director and is 100% one of our most successful writers. She is clearly a talented writer as you can see from her CV and the awards she has picked up, however it's her hard work and reliability that stands out the most for me. She is one of the few writers who consistently portrays working class themes within her work, which you can see predominantly in scripts like The Robbing Class. Her use of strong female characters is another theme you see throughout her work. 


On a directing level she is a joy to work with. Michelle has brilliant personal relationships with her casts and has a great eye for moment to moment work and character relationships within scenes. 


There is a reason myself and Actor Awareness have worked consistently with Michelle over the past two years. She is talented, hard working, loyal, punctual and she brings such incredible energy to her work."


-Tom Stocks, founder: Actor Awareness

"I had the best time working on the show Power with Michelle Payne and the team. Michelle really knows how to get actors to dig deep into their skill set and perform with confidence. I was nervous about some of the movement and music having been out of touch for a while but Michelle has really useful techniques for any performer that helps get to grips with the foundations of the art. I had such a fun time throughout rehearsals too which surprisingly in a big cast, does not always happen! Highly recommend the chance to work/perform with Caspa Arts!"


-Eme Essien, Actor

"The thing I love most about working with Michelle is her ability to help the actor understand the nuance of a piece in a down to earth manner"


-Christian James, Actor

"Working with Michelle Payne as your director is incredibly rewarding. She has a brilliant eye for detail and knows if an actor isn’t clear on what their objectives are. It sounds super simple but she’ll ask you a question like 'what is the most important word in this line?', for example. All of a sudden the line will just click and make sense to you in a way it didn’t before. The energy will change. Michelle is an actor too, so she just gets it. She understands the struggle and the magic of it all. She gets the best out of her actors".

- Lucy Gape, Actor

"I worked with Michelle Payne on The German Girls this year for Camden Fringe. Her direct approach to gaining the best potential from my acting and character work was refreshing and motivating. Her vision is unique, and she has a real eye for vivid, exciting and contemporary theatre. Her determined and passionate nature is only a few of the qualities that make working with her a pleasure. Acting with direction like this made the process incredibly fulfilling."

- Bryony McCarthy, Actor

As soon as I walked into Michelle’s rehearsal room I felt incredibly comfortable. Michelle creates a very safe space to create work in that I feel really freed the cast up to takes risks, and make the best work we could. She has an excellent eye for detail which is essential for a director and knows when an actor may be sitting on an impulse, even when the actor themselves may not realise it, and knows exactly how to release that impulse to create an authentic moment. Michelle is not only a magnificent creative, but a very warm and friendly person, and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

- George Whitehead, Actor

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