Online Showcase 2.o

Welcome to our digital showcase. Caspa Online is a unique concept created by artistic director Michelle Payne. Digital theatre is a concept that is evolving every day and we're excited to share our contribution with you all. The class of 2.0 has been expertly guided by director writer Natasha Kathi-Chandra and movement director Christina Fulcher The students involved have all mostly created, written, directed and edited their pieces. They've worked really hard to explore how innovative they can be with the medium.

We hope you enjoy.

“ It’s been a truly enriching and inspiring to have been course leader for caspa online in these difficult months for the arts. I feel truly reinvigorated by the talent of these students & the industry guests who came in to impart their wisdom and cannot wait for everyone to see these spectacularly talented artists and their work . I look forward to more and more ! “

- Natasha Kathi-Chandra (Course Director)


Interactive Programme

Click on a headshot to see each interactive CV.

Joyin Adetola
Amira Aleem
Farai Bepura
Emily Beck
Isaac Cunningham
Issie Clare
Danielle Kennedy
Linda Wachaga
Emily Roberts
Grace Wellfare
Keziah Hopkinson
Meera Joshi
Lucy Stepan
Benjamin Victor
Showcase edited by
Stephanie Stevens

With thanks to...

J (Agent - JBR Management)

Isley Lynn (Playwright)

Ameena Hamid (Producer)

Kira Morsley (Voice)

Blown Fuse

(Theatre Company)

Christina Fulcher (Movement)

Ruth Phillips (assistant movement director)

Sydney Aldridge

(Casting director)


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