Frequently asked question

Our 13 week courses are for anyone looking for that extra training and wanting to expand their knowledge.


Having been to university or drama school or neither, for us it's not about where you've been, it's about where you're going. 

With Caspa Arts, what you put in, you will get out.

We want our students to meet working actors, writers & directors and be able to progress to the next stage of their career, whether that's auditioning for a top drama school or trying to secure work, credits or agent representation.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our 13 week Acting for New Writing Course is £600 a term (£46.15 per week)

Our Collaborative Theatre Course is £550 a term (£42.30 per week)

We provide payment plans if you're worried about the cost.

We also have a half scholarship for each course.

Where are you based?

London -but our students have also commuted from Essex, Kent, Surrey, Reading, Oxford & Manchester.

"I've trained already but it's not working out for me"

We want all of our actors to finish the term feeling confident, determined and ready to work! We can help you with agent letters and industry invites to the show. We will top up your training, specifically in regards to acting technique and performing contemporary new writing. We pride ourselves on being able to connect you with new writers, directors and upcoming fringe projects.

"I want to audition at an accredited drama school"

We have experience of these auditions and completed courses at accredited schools, so we can help find the right one for you too. We will then help you with your audition prep. We can assist you when it comes to choosing your monologues- we know how tricky that can be! We will work on them in class and support you every step of the way. We can also provide references where necessary.

"What do the courses include?"

We will endeavour to provide each of our students with a handy toolkit of voice, movement and acting technique that, as a working actor, you can put into practise in future work and auditions. Michelle has over 10 years worth of teaching experience, 9 years of professional acting experience and 7 years of producing, writing and directing experience. As well as a pool of industry professional friends who come in to teach workshops.

We believe the most important part of our course will be our students carrying their skill set forward into their next project as well as meeting working playwrights and directors to form links within the industry to help secure them work in fringe projects for the future.

"I've always wanted to be an actor and I don't know where to start..."

We have two available courses at Caspa Arts and both courses are quite fast paced so as long as you're open and willing to put in the work required to keep up with more experienced members of the class this will be a great start for you. We like our students to have a knowledge of their craft, favourite plays, playwrights, theatre directors and actors. If you're willing to do your research and can prove to us that you're serious, this could be the school for you. 

"I don't want to go to drama school" / "I can't afford drama school"

If you feel like you need some training, but not three (expensive) years then we might be the alternative for you. We will be combining our favourite and most useful parts, as well as giving you unique performance opportunities and introducing you to industry professionals.

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