The Scratch

Monday 17th February 2019, 2.30pm / 7.30pm

Phoenix Artist Club, London.

The Plays

Game Over by Janice Hallett, directed by Kayla Feldman

Big Tesco by Michelle Payne, directed by Kennedy Bloomer

These Streets by Jordan John, directed by Jack Reitman & Michelle Payne

Room by Charlotte Worrall, directed by Amber Sinclair-Case

Saving Jonah by Brogan Thompson, directed by Hannah Benson

The Cast

Ross Bailey, Lauren Cooper, Sophia De Souza, Misha Domadia, Melanie Lam, Myriam Laurent, Sebastian Muñoz, Nelda Pereira, Izzi Richardson, Laura-Jane Whyte.

Photography by Zac Cooke 


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