Student Testimonials 

"The day after I finished my first term with Caspa, I had an audition. I'd never felt more relaxed. My friends commented on how much more confident I seemed, and it's been one of the most unexpected joys about Caspa. You don't only get given the tools to work as an actor, but a the chance to use them. Having performed a Caspa play at one of the best theatre venues in the country, I can now hold my head up high and feel like I belong in any audition room. You can't put a price on that!"

- Romo Sikdar-Rahman

1) Caspa Arts has provided a nurturing and professional environment for me to grow as an actor. 

Michelle goes above and beyond, providing opportunities to perform in original productions in venues such as The Bunker and Phoenix Artist Club, workshops with guest tutors who have active and exciting careers in the industry as actors, playwrights and directors, having professional headshot sessions and the opportunity to film a showreel, all so we have the tools to succeed in this industry. Being a Caspa Arts student is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

2) I really can't say enough about Caspa Arts.

During my third term at Caspa, I signed with an agent, auditioned for a BBC pilot and commercials, all of which I was prepared for due to quality of teaching at Caspa. Michelle is a brilliant AD, director and writer who ensures that we get the most of the course. 

Caspa Arts is a place where you'll challenged but also supported in your development as an actor among your peers.

- Stephanie Stevens

Since Caspa Arts I have gained so much confidence in my acting skills. I'm performed long monologues which I never could and acted with purpose. I have gained a group of friends who I loved working with and miss seeing every Sunday. This course has taught me alot about myself and what works for me when rehearsing lines or movements.

I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to expand their acting knowledge, doing workshops with industry people and also gaining a great mentor and friends you'll know for a long time.

- Sophie Hodges

Caspa Arts has taught me so much. Not only about the industry but about myself too. Being on this course has helped me gain the confidence back that I lost. I’ve learned new skills, made great friends and the opportunities that you get here are so rewarding!

- Verona Smith

Having worked both individually as a monologue prep student, and as a member of the acting for new wiring course with Caspa Arts, I can strongly recommend this company for all who want to peruse a career in the arts. I feel constantly supported and listened to both on a creative and on a personal level. I first approached Michelle when I had my confidence knocked from a series knock backs in my career as an actor. After a few sessions with Michelle, I received recalls at leading drama schools, such as the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and GSA and now will be going on to study Acting on a course I love at DSL (Drama Studios London).  Caspa Arts have provided in-depth and industry focussed classes that I have highly enjoyed and learnt from. You work with professional directors, writers and always have the support of your group and of your course leader - Michelle. It is amazing value for money and a great way to build up your confidence and your acting CV in a professional environment. I can honestly say I would not be going to drama school without the support and training I received from Caspa, and highly recommend this course to anyone going up for a career in performing.

- Eloise Sheffield

I am honestly so glad I chose to join Caspa Art's collaborative theatre course. Not only was it a great opportunity to expand my perspective within acting, it allowed me to discover and unleash a hidden talent I had for writing that I never would have known were it not for Caspa. On top of this Michelle is such an amazing guide to have, so supportive and caring towards the work I put in. I so wish I could return and if I could I 100% would go for it. 

- Rohan Jhuree

Having been in a bit of a pickle for some time after graduating I decided to audition for Caspa arts. Immediately Michelle’s presence and energy but me at ease throughout the whole audition process and I felt nothing but support. This support continued once I started the course. Doing voice class used to be something that made me feel self conscious but as time grew I saw my confidence in this and in terms of performance in general grow. We also have the opportunity to work with some fabulous industry guests. All in all it was an invaluable experience. 

- Lauren Cooper

Being someone with little credible experience in theatre, I realised to break into the industry I needed a solid grounding on stage and exposure to industry professionals in the early phase of my career. When I came across Caspa Arts, Michelle’s vision of supporting under-represented talent such as BAME and female creatives resonated with me and I auditioned for the Acting for New Writing course.


Being fortunate enough to have gained a place on the course, I learnt the Meisner technique and was cast in two stage productions in roles that both excited and challenged me as an actor. Upon completion of the course, I signed with my first agent and received television and commercial auditions within the first month of signing.


I highly recommend Caspa Arts for any aspiring actor who is seeking performance opportunities and connections to industry professionals. 

- Trashant Patel

After having had a break from any form of training, I was never expecting how much I would learn and gain from the Acting for New Writing course. It genuinely changed my life! It was so valuable to meet and learn from so many industry professionals, and actually get back on stage and put what I’d learned into practise. Having two performance opportunities per term at London venues was also great for inviting industry guests to see my work and building up my CV - which is so hard when you haven’t got much there in the first place. Michelle is an incredible writer and director, and aside from her brilliant acting training, what I learned of the ‘industry’ side of things was seriously game-changing. 
I went into Caspa having had no formal training and a huge break from performing since school, no idea about how the industry worked, and little confidence in myself. I came out of it having had strong acting training that I could rely on, valuable connections, tons more confidence, a much less sparse CV and at the end of my second term I signed with an agent! Now when I go into the audition room, I actually feel like I know what I’m doing, that I’m meant to be there, and that all came from Caspa Arts. Michelle goes beyond anything that would be expected to personally support her students in their careers, in and out of class. I owe a hell of a lot to her generosity and determination for us, which goes far beyond what any course description could convey, and Caspa Arts is 100% the biggest reason why I can call myself a working actor now. Thank you so much Michelle!

- Hannah Khalique-Brown

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