Amy is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and studied under Yogacharya Lalit Kumar in India at the Himalaya Yoga Valley in 2017 (RYT 200). She is also Kristin Linklater trained (Freeing the Natural Voice) and studied at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts where she gained a BA (HONS) in Professional Acting.

We are currently trying to schedule more Actors' Yoga classes. Please do email us with preferred dates and times

Amy says her classes are suitable for all abilities, so beginners don't need to worry!


"I have mats and blocks and straps, and teach a modified Ashtanga Yoga sequence, with specific focus on breath work (throwing in a few vocal things for actors!)"

"Our body is a storage house of EVERY experience we have ever had.
So many of us carry trapped emotions without even realising it and we can go years completely oblivious to the blocked energy our muscles are holding on to. This repressed energy is responsible for countless ailments and chronic health conditions that cause us suffering physically and mentally."

This class is aimed at anyone wishing to release these repressed emotions and toxins, and gain a better understanding of the body, empowering you to bring about positive change in your life, releasing anxiety and improving self confidence.

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